Rob Ritchie

Author, Musician

Author Rob Ritchie’s Third Novel


A Song With No Words

(folk music and mystery collide)


A Song With No Words is a new style of road novel. Ritchie draws on his 25 plus years as a touring musician to blur the lines of truth and fiction, taking readers on a journey exploring the inner-workings of a band as its members travel, tour and perform. 


But the road can be far darker than their music can convey. Beneath the camraderie lurks something that threatens to not only tear the band apart, but also endanger their lives and the lives of those they love. The novel weaves stories of music, friendship, family and loss while skilfully drawing awareness to a tragic global trend happening all around us every day.


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"It's been a long time since a story grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let me go to sleep. This one did. Hours after finishing it, I'm still living in the pages, chewing on the depth of the plot, thinking about some things in ways that make me uncomfortable." 

AnnMarie Rowland - Word Compass

"...a person's deep felt pain can be compared to a certain type of music - complex and full of jarring chord progressions and jagged rhythms.  As author of his daughter's pain, a songwriter's inability to find words to match this kind of music becomes a metaphor for his inability to forgive himself.  A disturbing, yet beautiful image - multi-layered and intricate - the essence of poetry."

- Joe Grant,Founder of folk/roots band Tanglefoot